Special Pedals | About us
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About us


Get to know our company

Special Pedals Inc. is a pending 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides individualized training and employment for adults with disabilities. Unlike anything currently available in our community, we aim to partner with universities to build a fulfilling work experience for our clients through the Special Pedals Inc. bike shop. These bike shops will both train and employ adults with disabilities while also providing college students convenient, low-cost, bicycles or bike repairs. Additionally, by training our employees to work on bikes, Special Pedals can be a place where individuals with disabilities come to learn how to build their own transportation and increase independence!

Get to know our founder

My name is Leah Ann Sherrill, and I am the proud founder of Special Pedals Inc. The vision for Special Pedals inc. is to build a community where all adults with disabilities can be employed at jobs that offer equal hours, pay, and quality of life.  I had decided that I wanted to start a bike shop in Wilmington, which would train and employ adults with disabilities to become bike mechanics and provide UNCW students with low cost bikes and bike repairs.  I thought this would be the perfect job for Stephanie, because she is so talented with bikes. Although I do not have a background in business, I knew that in order to have a successful non-profit organization, you need two things, community support and money.  So over the summer I started a go fund me account that advocated for better employment for adults with disabilities, and was amazed at the support I received from the community.  The week before my senior year at UNCW, I opened the Special Pedals Inc. bank account, with the $1,000 dollars that I raised independently, donated from various individuals who supported improving employment for these talented people.